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December 2004 (Vol. 15 Issue 9)

MagazineDecember 2004 (Vol. 15 Issue 9)

This issue

FEATURE Quantum medicine at the dentist

* Seven-year-old Amy had overcrowded teeth, which David Hefferon fixed by expanding her jaw, using a 'functional appliance' followed by wire braces

FEATURE I found whitfield's ointment hard to find

As a long-term sufferer of tinea cruris [a fungal infection causing genital itching], I read Harald Gaier's column with interest (WDDTY vol 14 no 6)

FEATURE Jacques benveniste: in memoriam

Dr Jacques Benveniste, the scientist who gave the world 'the memory of water', died on 3 October 2004, at the age of 69, yet another victim of modern medicine

FEATURE Amalgam fillings: the latest evidence

Although amalgam dental fillings have been in widespread use for around 150 years, this started to change in the mid-1980s, when evidence began to emerge that mercury vapour was being released from these fillings

FEATURE Forget the drug, live with the disease

It's been just a few short months since Avastin (bevacizumab) was being hailed as the great new breakthrough drug for cancer therapy

FEATURE So you think you need . . . lumbar surgery

At some point in life, 80 per cent of all adults will suffer back pain - and mostly in the lumbar region

FEATURE The best alternative treatment for . . . fibromyalgia

A new holistic treatment has been tested on fibromyalgia sufferers, with reported remission rates of 10 years (J Musculo Pain, 1998; 6: 133-49)

FEATURE Chronic cold sores

Chronic cold sores Q Last February, I moved to the UK from South Africa

FEATURE Long-term b12 injections are a scam

I suffered brain damage due to a vitamin B12 deficiency

FEATURE A nocturnal and disfiguring parasite

, a 36-year-old soldier, came to see me eight months ago with a diagnosis of lymphoedema - extensive puffiness and swelling of his legs

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