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November 2003 (Vol. 14 Issue 8)

MagazineNovember 2003 (Vol. 14 Issue 8)

This issue

FEATURE Pcos and syndrome x

Q I am a 35-year-old woman, and I've not had a regular period since my teens

FEATURE The 'flight into health'

I am no longer a psychiatrist

FEATURE Reductil

Just 18 months after the UK's Department of Health declared that the slimming drug Reductil (sibutramine) was safe, fresh evidence from the USA suggests that they may need to think again

FEATURE Drug article gives more ammunition to the anti-supplements brigade

While I agree that drug-nutrient interactions are complex, with much yet to be learned, I feel that Alternatives (WDDTY vol 14 no 4) did not provide a balanced view

FEATURE We'll take the red tape

Oncologists and cancer researchers in the UK are very angry

FEATURE Myelography

Myelograms are a diagnostic tool used before spinal surgery

FEATURE Balancing moods by balancing nutrients

While most practitioners, conventional and alternative, focus on fighting heart disease, arthritis and cancer, there is growing concern over the silent epidemic of mental disorders that is becoming one of the most common causes of premature death

FEATURE Vaccine mothers: don't forget the rights of fathers

In your Viewpoint about the vaccine-case mothers (WDDTY vol 14 no 6), you mention that the father has taken no interest in the child

FEATURE How to get yourself back into balance

Many things can influence bipolar disorder, such as imbalances in blood sugar and thyroid hormones, or lifestyle

FEATURE Official resistance

So compelling is the evidence for a nutritional approach to bipolar disorder that it's a wonder why more physicians and psychiatrists aren't flocking to learn more

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