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June 2003 (Vol. 14 Issue 3)

MagazineJune 2003 (Vol. 14 Issue 3)

This issue

FEATURE What can i do about my breast cysts?

I recently had a run-in with my local hospital when they insisted that I have a mammogram before they would scan the cysts in my breasts or aspirate them, or do anything else

FEATURE Is new drug an ace in the hole?

Heart failure is a catch-all term which simply means that your heart isn't working quite as well as it should

FEATURE The bone scan

This is one of the main tools for detecting osteoporosis and other bone changes, especially in the lower spine, hip, forearm and heel

FEATURE Body fat: is fat an organ?

Most of us think of fat as a disgusting sign of overindulgence and lethargy

FEATURE Getting the best out of fats: a sensible guideline for dietary fats

Many of us could do with a major rethink of our daily dietary fat intake

FEATURE Is new drug an ace in the hole?

Angiotensin II-receptor blockers are called 'safe' drugs - safer than ACE inhibitors

FEATURE Multiple sclerosis

In orthodox medicine, the current fashion in combating multiple sclerosis (MS) is to administer immune modifiers: interferons 1b and 1a, copolymer 1 and low-dose methotrexate

FEATURE After saddam, sars

There's nothing modern medicine loves more than an epidemic

FEATURE Please explain the numbers in the glycaemic index

We are now being bombarded almost daily with glycaemic food lists, thanks to the work of Dr Michel Montignac and Dr Robert Atkins

FEATURE Don't forget t. l. cleave in the story of refined carbohydrates

Following your Special Report on diabetes in the March issue, I must enquire whether you are familiar with the classic work of T

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