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February 2003 (Vol. 13 Issue 11)

MagazineFebruary 2003 (Vol. 13 Issue 11)

This issue

FEATURE No time for cancer

Medicine travels in many wrong directions and up many blind alleys, but perhaps the most wrongheaded path of all is its image of disease as an inevitable progression toward death

FEATURE Low-fat diet may lead to high cholesterol

In India, as many as 10 per cent of the affluent urban upper classes now fall victim to coronary artery disease, a figure approaching the levels of their counterparts in the more developed countries

FEATURE Cancer: when it isn't a killer

Researchers such as Dr Gershom Zajicek, of the HH Humphrey Center of Experimental Medicine and Cancer Research in Israel, believe that cancer begins as a metabolic disturbance (Zajicek G, Cancer is a metabolic deficiency, in Iversen OH, ed, New Frontiers in Cancer Causation, Washington, DC: Taylor & Francis, 1993: 81- 96)

FEATURE Depression and binge eating

Q I have been very depressed (emotional and mental causes), and have binged heavily

FEATURE Smoke and drink - but no vitamins!

It is absurd to restrict the sale of harmless vitamins and minerals while at the same time allowing unlimited sales of alcohol, cigarettes, and garden and house chemicals known to be toxic, and to cause injury and death

FEATURE Yet another wrinkle in the story of botox

In this atmosphere of 'botox parties' where champagne-sipping socialites are injected with botulinum toxin,' says British neurologist Dr Peter Misra, 'it is easy to forget that it is a potent neurotoxin whose long-term effects are still unknown

FEATURE Roaccutane

'Tis the season that brings to mind auld acquaintances, and Roaccutane (isotretinoin), the acne drug, is fully deserving of the biggest Drug of the Month welcome

FEATURE Breast cancer not helped by surgery or self-examination

Long-term data about breast cancer is currently pouring in, bringing both confirmations and surprises

FEATURE Magnetotherapy

Q What do you think of magnetotherapy which, again, seems to be effective and is apprently being used in NHS hospitals? - PD, Bristol

FEATURE Veterinary medicine streets ahead of ours

I liked your Viewpoint column in the December 2002 issue of WDDTY (vol 13 no 9)!

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