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November 2015 (Vol. 26 Issue 8)

Eyedrops for glaucoma

MagazineAugust 2003 (Vol. 14 Issue 5)Eyedrops for glaucoma

My eyes have been diagnosed with narrow-angle, low-pressure chronic glaucoma

My eyes have been diagnosed with narrow-angle, low-pressure chronic glaucoma. Initially, I was prescribed Xalatan (latanoprost) eyedrops once a day. Some time later, I was prescribed brimonidine tartrate eyedrops 0.2 per cent, one drop daily. After a few weeks, the latter caused terrible pain. After some months, I felt very unwell, my eyes were itchy, painful and pink. Eventually, my consultant took me off these drops and I now take AZOPT (brinzolamide) 10 mg/mL twice a day. This gives me no problems.

Nevertheless, my field of vision is deteriorating steadily. Despite pressures down to 10 and 11, an operation has been recommended.

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