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Diabetes: the real culprits

MagazineApril 2003 (Vol. 14 Issue 1)Diabetes: the real culprits

High Glycaemic Index Foods Low Glycaemic Index Foods

High Glycaemic Index Foods Low Glycaemic Index Foods

Beer 110 Wholemeal bread 50
Glucose 100 Brown rice 50
Roast potatoes 95 Wholewheat dry pasta 50
Chips 95 White spaghetti (al dente) 45
Modified starches 95 Peas 40
Mashed potato 90 Unrefined cereals 40
Crisps 90 Natural fruit juice (no sugar) 40
Honey 85 Bread (100 per cent unrefined flour) 40
Hamburger buns 85
Carrots (cooked) 85 Black bread (German) 40
Corn flakes 85 Rye (wholemeal) bread 40
Popcorn 85 Corn on the cob/maize 35
Easy-cook rice 85 Yoghurt (full milk) 35
Refined sugar 70 Dry pasta (100 per cent unrefined flour; al dente) 35
White bread 70
Sugar-coated cereals 70 Dried fruit 35
Chocolate bars 70 Milk (semi-skimmed) 30
Colas, sodas, soft drinks 70 Fresh fruit 30
Biscuits 70 Carrots (raw) 30
White rice 70 French beans 30
Raisins 65 Pulses (various) 30
Brown bread 65 Dark chocolate (at least 70 per cent cocoa) 20
Boiled potatoes (in skins) 65
Jams 65 Fructose 15
Bananas 60 Peanuts 15
White overcooked spaghetti 55 Vegetables less than 15

Source: Eat Yourself Slim . . . and Stay Slim! by Michel Montignac, London: Montignac Publishing, 1999

Diabetes: the real culprits

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