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April 2003 (Vol. 14 Issue 1)

MagazineApril 2003 (Vol. 14 Issue 1)

This issue

FEATURE Glaucoma and arimidex

Q I have been prescribed Arimidex for a recurrence of cancer in a lymph node

FEATURE A fat revelation

One evening last summer, I looked up at my husband with alarm - not simply by the fact that he'd begun to develop a fair bit of extra upholstery around the middle, but also because something didn't look well about him

FEATURE Glaucoma and arimidex

Q Some years ago, I was diagnosed with glaucoma and prescribed Teoptic eyedrops

FEATURE The afp test

To reassure women that their babies are healthy, medicine has come up with a battery of tests that look for fetal abnormalities

FEATURE The real culprits

Says Allen Spiegel, who heads the US National Diabetes Institute, 'People cringe at the word epidemic, but by all criteria, we are witnessing an epidemic of diabetes

FEATURE Warfarin: bleeding and worse

Using anticoagulants such as warfarin requires walking a tightrope between decreasing the blood's ability to clot to prevent strokes without bringing on a haemorrhage somewhere in the body

FEATURE Cancer: simple lifestyle adjustments can reduce your risk

* Saturated and trans fats in the diet can lead to obesity, and can also harbour cancer-promoting chemicals like pesticides, industrial chemicals and foreign oestrogens

FEATURE Confused by one of your news stories

The January 2003 issue of WDDTY (vol 13 no 10) on page 10 included a paragraph suggesting that a less invasive technique than angioplasty working by dissolving blockages had been found

FEATURE The real low-down on organic food needed

In the article on vitamins (WDDTY vol 13 no 9), you refer to organically grown crops and, although you give some encouragement in that respect, by and large you seem to agree with the Food and Drink Federation and Food Standards Agency that there is little difference between organically and conventionally grown food - though they cover their tracks by asking for more research

FEATURE Organic source of food for pets

Chaplin's letter about cancer-causing petfood in WDDTY vol 13 no 9, there is a very good petfood manufactured by AMP Ltd, Freepost, Thorexton Road Industrial Estate, Walton, Norfolk IP25 6NG (0800 018 3770) that is both raw and organic

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