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October 2002 (Vol. 13 Issue 7)

MagazineOctober 2002 (Vol. 13 Issue 7)

This issue

FEATURE Ppd-free hair dye from clairol

About the Clairol Loving hair dyes, I have just confirmed with Clairol's customer services (tel: 0800 181 184) that this range contains no paraphenylenediamines (PPDs)

FEATURE Hrt worked magic on my menopause

Before the menopause, I was a healthy outgoing person

FEATURE Thioridazine

Several years ago, the warning flag went up for the antipsychotic drug thioridazine, marketed as Melleril

FEATURE Eye disease not helped by vitamin e

Macular degeneration - the major causes of blindness in the West - is not helped by a daily regime of vitamin E, new research claims

FEATURE 'improving' on mother nature

Doctors believe they need to assist the body's natural repair mechanisms when treating wounds

FEATURE Muscle weakness with statins deserves a black-box warning

Two correspondents - in WDDTY vol 12 no 11 and vol 13 no 3 - reported muscle weakness after taking simvastatin

FEATURE The right to be different

Something strange and dangerous is happening all over the Western world

FEATURE Try selenium as hrt replacement

I run a natural hormone replacement clinic, and I have found that the majority of women who seek my advice for 'menopausal symptoms' do not have hormonal problems and therefore do not need HRT

FEATURE Floss your way to a healthier heart

Could flossing your teeth reduce your risk of heart disease? The link between oral health and the heart has sometimes been mooted, but it's an idea that is beginning to gain ground

FEATURE The ultimate frankenstein food

The food and nuclear industries, with strong government support, have capitalised on outbreaks of Escherichia coli food poisoning to mobilise public acceptance of food irradiation

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