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March 2002 (Vol. 12 Issue 12)

MagazineMarch 2002 (Vol. 12 Issue 12)

This issue

FEATURE Doing something is better than doing nothing

Many people do not take specific exercise because they believe that they have the time or level of commitment to engage in some other regular activity


Dutonin, an antidepressant, was launched with the claim that it is as effective as Prozac, but with far fewer side-effects

FEATURE Lyme disease rate doubles in a decade

The incidence of new cases of Lyme disease has doubled in the US since 1991, according to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC) - from just over 9000 cases in 1991 to nearly 18,000 new cases in 2000

FEATURE . . . or why not just take drugs?

Re your article on colds & flu (WDDTY vol 12 no 8), I would like to know why you did not mention the two very effective flu drugs now available: the neuraminidase inhibitors, Relenza and Tamiflu

FEATURE Doctors need to improve their communication skills

Doctors who don't listen and don't communicate effectively may end up with no patients, say researchers at Harvard

FEATURE Carpal tunnel syndrome and repetitive strain injury

Carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) is the scourge of the modern workplace

FEATURE She's feeling the bad vibrations

On page 1 of the January 2002 issue of WDDTY (vol 12 no 10), there is a list of causes of heart arrhythmias

FEATURE Alternatives for exercise-related injury

Simply being aware of the possibility of injury may be the best way to avoid it

FEATURE Exercise: the marathon myths

Everyone knows that you need to exercise to stay healthy

FEATURE Overactive thyroid

Q Re the December 2001 issue of WDDTY (vol 12 no 9) on thyroid problems, I was very disappointed to find that most of the discussion was on hypothyroidism whereas I suffer from hyperthyroidism (a multinodular goitre)

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