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April 2002 (Vol. 13 Issue 1)

MagazineApril 2002 (Vol. 13 Issue 1)

This issue

FEATURE Pulling her hair over cholesterol drug

In response to MT (WDDTY vol 12 no 11, p 8) on simvastatin (Zocor), after blood tests, my GP informed me that my cholesterol was high

FEATURE Pay any other tribute but a plastic one

Re 'Hymn to a child never mourned' (WDDTY vol 12 no 11, p 12): in the event that others emulate the ceremony, may I ask them not to use balloons? Many marine reptiles and mammals ingest this material when it comes down, and die a prolonged and unpleasant death

FEATURE Why weren't we told about this acne drug?

In 1994, at the age of 17, I took a course of isotretinoin (Roaccutane) for mild acne, a decision I have regretted ever since

FEATURE Alternative ways to prevent or treat whooping cough

There's no doubt that whooping cough is distressing disease, for both child and parent

FEATURE Nsaids: not to be used for heart disease

It never rains but it pours and, this time, the deluge in the medical press covers the use of non-aspirin non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or NANSAIDs, both as a treatment for coronary heart disease (CHD) and as a cause of ulcers

FEATURE How many components make a good acellular vaccine?

There is still some dispute over what elements ought to be included in an acellular vaccine, largely because scientists don't really understand which components in the pertussis vaccine are required to stimulate an immune response

FEATURE The most dangerous vaccine

The ordinary whole-cell pertussis vaccine is acknowledged to be the deadliest of all the vaccines

FEATURE Oh, damn those dumb yankees

Re the news headline 'From daily spread may grow dumb babies' (WDDTY, vol 12 no 10, p 11), I realise that Lynne McTaggart is from the USA and that there are US readers, but I feel that a publication based in the UK should stick to word usage as found in the UK

FEATURE Midwives could be better than prozac

New mothers who receive personalised care from a midwife for a few months after birth are significantly less likely to develop postpartum depression, according to a new British study

FEATURE Ciproxin

Ciproxin is the marketing name in the UK for a drug that, for a while last autumn, was the most wanted in the West

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