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Try homoeopathy for polyps. . .

MagazineSeptember 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 6)Try homoeopathy for polyps. . .

To PD of Tonbridge (WDDTY vol 12 no 3), I'd suggest Lemna minor in 1X potency as the head remedy (homoeopathic) for polyps

To PD of Tonbridge (WDDTY vol 12 no 3), I'd suggest Lemna minor in 1X potency as the head remedy (homoeopathic) for polyps.

Other polyp remedies are Teucrium, Sanguinaria and Thuja, all at 30, three times daily. Teucrium is preferable if there is catarrh/blockage, and Sanguinaria if there is pain at the root of nose, or lost or perverted sense of smell. Thuja is for nostril ulcerations, nosebleed or yellow green discharges.

PD should also treat the infection itself. For this, Streptococcus (combined remedy) 30 would do. If she takes Thuja, this could also dispose of the infection as Thuja is for chronic infections. (A non homoeopathic remedy for infection is colloidal silver, effective against many pathogens such as bacteria and viruses.)

Without more details of her condition, I'd suggest 10 days of Streptococcus 30. Then, at the beginning of the third week, she could take Thuja plus Lemna minor but there are many ways of approaching her condition.

Surgery is pretty drastic and it is better to try other things first. The treatment should be aimed at both the polyps and the infection. Michael Chelk, via e-mail...........

. . .or what about Reiki

On a physical level, I would suggest that PD of Tonbridge undergo treatment on a regular basis, such as Reiki every day for a month, if possible.

On a metaphysical level, I would suggest that she ask herself what has been getting up her nose or who has been in her face for many years. PD, please think about this and deal with whatever comes up. E. Reid, reflexologist, Kilmarnock..........

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