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How harvey got his hearing back

MagazineNovember 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 8)How harvey got his hearing back

Palmer discovered a healing profession based on the concept that health comes from within

I am a chiropractor. In 1895, Dr D.D. Palmer discovered a healing profession based on the concept that health comes from within. Dr Palmer noticed two men who worked at the same bench day after day, ate lunch together and were similar in most respects. He wondered why it was that, one day, one of those men came down with smallpox and died, while the other man showed no sign of sickness.

Dr Palmer conjectured that perhaps sickness didn't come from germs or other outside forces. He then formulated the hypothesis that disease occurred when the body's natural ability to function properly - and therefore express health - was interfered with.

On 18 September 1895, Dr Palmer was working as a magnetic healer in Davenport, Iowa, when Harvey Lillard, a janitor, commented to him that he had been deaf for several years.
Harvey then related the story that he had been working in a stooped-over position when he felt something 'give way' in his spine. From that point onwards, he had gradually lost his hearing.

Dr Palmer reasoned that if a bone out of place had caused the hearing loss, then perhaps putting it back into its correct position would restore Mr Lillard's hearing. After much convincing, Harvey allowed Dr Palmer to 'adjust' the misaligned bone. Three days later, he could hear again.

For years, chiropractors have been telling people that you can't cure disease from the outside in. They have been telling people to improve the function of the body from the inside out. It is difficult, however, to argue with the brainwashing of medical 'science' and the primetime commercials for prescription drugs.

Your book has given me hope that maybe there is a chance more people will understand the error in the premise of medicine and the truth of the chiropractic philosophy - the human body is a VITALISTIC organism. Keep up the good work. - JSR, Shelby Township, Michigan

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