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March 2001 (Vol. 11 Issue 12)

MagazineMarch 2001 (Vol. 11 Issue 12)

This issue

FEATURE Still here in our corner

The very first issue of WDDTY kicked off with the dangers of the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine in response to a great deal of propaganda by the British government at the time, touting the benefits of the jab


* Irish health officials are in a spin since being informed that one blood donor, whose plasma was used to make polio vaccine, has a variant of Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD)

FEATURE Coping without a spleen

Q-I lost my spleen and kidney in an automobile accident, and have been advised that I will need to take antibiotics (amoxycillin) for the rest of my life

FEATURE Zinc and heavy metal toxicity

Work by scientists such as Dr Neil Ward, of the Chemistry Department, University of Surrey and advisor to HACSG, has emphasised the importance of zinc status, ingestion of additives and heavy metal burden (such as lead, cadmium and mercury) in children with ADHD symptoms

FEATURE Osteochondroma (or exostosis) - how to approach the treatment

Q-I My son has been diagnosed with osteochondroma of the lower sacroiliac joint

FEATURE Lotronex

GlaxoWellcome's IBS drug Lotronex (alosetron hydrochloride) has been withdrawn from the US market after just nine months, following reports of five deaths among patients

FEATURE Coffee ok during pregnancy

In the article by Harald Gaier on healthy pregnancies and deliveries (WDDTY, vol 11 no 9), what drew our attention was the reference to coffee and caffeine's effect on pregnancy and miscarriage

FEATURE Oxygen therapy can be taken by mouth

Congratulations on your excellent article on oxygen therapies" (WDDTY, vol 11 no 7)

FEATURE Attention-deficit disorder

One in seven children in the US and a growing number of children in the UK are being given stimulants with a long list of side effects to treat a condition that may be due to a simple deficiency of certain vital nutrients

FEATURE A vitamin story fit for a prince

As your lead story about the vitamin laws really struck a chord with me (WDDTY, vol 11 no 10), I popped a copy off to Prince Charles

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