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Look to chiropractic to cure the incurable

MagazineJuly 2001 (Vol. 12 Issue 4)Look to chiropractic to cure the incurable

Q:In your ezcema article, you state that eczema is incurable

Q:In your ezcema article, you state that eczema is incurable. For pity's sake, stop printing this sort of utter nonsense! I have retired from chiropractic, but was in practice until last year and I repeatedly cured eczema.

What's more, there is no mystery about eczema, allergies and asthma being related diseases; they are all caused by vertebral subluxations in the same part of the spine.

However, in the same issue, I see at last that recognition has been given to chiropractic in that it can cure many things besides lower back pain.

I also had some success with female sterility and so many of the diseases which doctors say are incurable: migraine, epilepsy, trigeminal neuralgia, cerebral palsy, tinnitus and allergies.

The biggest threat to chiropractic at the present time is the mapping of chromosomes for genes said to cause so called hereditary diseases. There is a hereditary factor in many diseases, of course. Not everyone with their cervical vertebrae wrongly aligned suffers from migraine, but no matter what genes you carry, you cannot get a migraine if your cervical vertebrae are correctly aligned. H.V. Corley, DC, Oxon........

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