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January 2001 (Vol. 11 Issue 10)

MagazineJanuary 2001 (Vol. 11 Issue 10)

This issue

FEATURE Wddty prompts benzo research

You will be delighted to read that thanks to my article 'Addicts in the Making' (WDDTY, vol 11 no 7) and your brilliant editorial in the same issue, Keith Hellawall, the drugs tsar, has now organised a two year study into the effects of prescribed psychotrophic drugs in pregnancy

FEATURE Very fine fine print

Why have we never heard about the outcome of the first statin trial, the largest of them all?

FEATURE Oxygen therapies help ms patients

I read the interesting and helpful article about oxygen therapies in WDDTY, vol 11 no 7

FEATURE Cholesterol lowering

Statins are the new wonder drugs now used to prevent everything from heart disease to Alzheimer's

FEATURE Phenergan

Phenergan qualifies as the second in our series of Drugs That Do Everything

FEATURE My doctor gave me tranks as a teenager

I read your Viewpoint about tranquillisers and children (WDDTY, vol 11 no 7) with despair

FEATURE High pressure from the past

Mann MD, is an associate professor of clinical medicine at the Hypertension Center of The New York Presbyterian Hospital in New York City

FEATURE Drug company sponsors meningitis charity

I just wanted to remind you that the National Meningitis Trust has Wyeth as one of its sponsors


* Wear a helmet if you want to avoid serious injury while cycling

FEATURE World congress on oxygen therapies next year

As a member of the Board and International Vice President of the International Ozone Association (IOA), I read the report on oxygen therapies (WDDTY, vol 11 no 7) with great interest

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