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How about a hotline for meningitis?

MagazineMay 2000 (Vol. 11 Issue 2)How about a hotline for meningitis?

Dear WDDTY:I am a homoeopath and we as a profession are, in the main, against vaccinations, although the official line is guarded

Dear WDDTY:I am a homoeopath and we as a profession are, in the main, against vaccinations, although the official line is guarded. We see many, many cases of children who are badly affected by vaccinations. In some cases, this can be proved by giving the child the vaccination in homoeopathic potency i.e. MMR 30c which cures their symptoms. Of course, there are also many remedies such as Silica, Thuja and Sulphur which cure ill effects. There are also plenty of homoeopathic medicines for meningitis Belladonna (for very high fever and inflammation of the meninges), for example. If every mother had Belladonna in her cupboard, it would bring down the fever in seconds.

What worries me is that, by the time children reach the age of two years, they have had something like 21 jabs. I notice children generally looking weaker and paler than when I was young.

Basically, a vaccination is giving a child an injection of a lethal illness at the deepest level of his immune system the blood in the hope that they will make antibodies. If the child is strong, this will happen. If the child is weak, nasty aggravations can occur. Yet, across the board, all children are vaccinated without taking consideration of their state of health.

I fear that this new meningitis C vaccination will cause a lot of serious effects.

Is there any way that a nationwide vaccination hotline could be set up for parents to phone in if their child has a serious reaction to the vaccination within two weeks of injection? I really think this would be a very important project and prove, once and for all, that vaccinations weaken children's health and bring on chronic illness at younger ages. Louise McLean, e-mail....

WDDTY replies:

We'd like to be such a national hotline. If your child has the new jab and reacts, please let us know by e-mail (wddty@ or post. Soon, you'll be able to tell us on our Website.

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Meningitis c:connection to bcg. . .

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