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Folic acid made me ill

MagazineJune 2000 (Vol. 11 Issue 3)Folic acid made me ill

For two and a half years, I was quite ill

For two and a half years, I was quite ill. I had a sore throat, no saliva, swollen tongue, excessive tiredness, a pain in my neck, dreadful cough and blurred vision, and my heart started missing beats to such an extent that I was referred to a heart specialist.

It all started when I consulted my doctor and mentioned to her that I was hoping to try for a baby in the near future. She recommended that I take folic acid tablets on a daily basis.

This I did in fact, I never missed a day. I conceived, but lost the baby four weeks later.

My husband took me away for my birthday and I forgot my folic acid tablets. Three days later, all my symptoms had gone. Not realising the relevance, I got home and started taking the folic acid tablets again. Sure enough, back came all the symptoms.

It was only when I once again went away and did not take the folic acid tablets that I realised that I may have found the answer.

I did not take another tablet for six months. I could not believe that a simple vitamin I'd read so many wonderful things about could have contributed to so many ailments. I decided to test myself. I took a folic acid tablet for two days. Back came my symptoms.

I have not taken another one since, and my health is perfect.

A friend of mine had been seeing an eye specialist because of floaters in his eyes. Out of interest, I asked him if he took any vitamins. Vitamin B6, he said, and folic acid. I said to him to stop taking the vitamin tablets to see if there was any improvement in his eye problems. Within two days, his floaters had gone.

How many other people, like myself, would never consider that illness can be caused by vitamins? MM, Birmingham.....

Unfortunately, overenthusiastic GPs now prescribe folic acid without understanding that vitamins particularly the B vitamins must be taken in a delicate balance or all sorts of health problems can result. This is why WDDTY continues tor recommend that readers consult with qualified, experienced nutritional specialists before embarking on any programme of supplements.

If you have non hodgkin's lymphoma, or wish to prevent it from developing. . .

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