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Dehydration and cancer

MagazineJune 2000 (Vol. 11 Issue 3)Dehydration and cancer

The experience of People Against Cancer suggests that most cancer patients suffer from chronic low level dehydration

The experience of People Against Cancer suggests that most cancer patients suffer from chronic low level dehydration. This is a particularly important consideration in cases of NHL since the lymphatic system balances all the body's fluids.

Just drinking more water, however, may not be the answer. According to PAC founder Frank Wiewel, "Drinking tap water contaminated with fluoride, chloride, various pesticides and the byproducts of industry may actually increase your cancer."Therefore, PAC believes strongly not only in purifying water, but also in optimising its pH. "In treating NHL, it is often simply enough to introduce a pure source of alkaline fluids," says Wiewel.

One way to do this is to buy alkaline bottled water (high in minerals). However, the mineral particles are often not well absorbed. Another way is to increase your intake of natural vegetable and fruit juices, which contain high levels of highly alkaline water in an easily assimilated form.

PAC also recommends investing in an alkaline water ioniserr, which electrically splits the water molecule to make alkaline (containing sodium, potassium, magnesium and calcium) and acid (containing chlorine, lead, suphur and phosphorus) water. (PAC recommends the Ioniser Plus system, although other brands are effective.)

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