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A quick silver cure

MagazineJuly 2000 (Vol. 11 Issue 4)A quick silver cure

From time to time, I have suffered from verrucas, and these have been difficult to get rid of

From time to time, I have suffered from verrucas, and these have been difficult to get rid of. I tried using paint on acids from the chemist, but these did not do the trick. I continued to suffer with these annoyances for several years. I had homoeopathic constitutional treatment for other problems and, eventually, the verrucas did go away.

Recently, however, I developed a wart on the palm of my left hand and, after wondering how to remove it, struck upon the idea of using colloidal silver. I soaked the absorbent part of a waterproof plaster with colloidal silver and stuck it over the wart just before going to bed I figured it would be most convenient to apply while sleeping as the plaster would not get in the way of my daytime activities. I did this every night and, after a week, it was possible to see the wart shrinking. It finally disappeared after about three weeks and has not returned since.

Subsequently, I found a small cyst like growth on the skin of my lower abdomen. At first, I thought that this was some kind of bacterial infection which had created a pus filled capsule and tried piercing it with a sterilised needle to drain it off. I very quickly realised that it actually was a kind of soft, rubbery, fleshy growth. I repeated the colloidal silver procedure and, after two weeks, I enjoyed the same magic results. In my experience, this therapy clearly has a useful therapeutic effect, even possibly for problems such as genital warts. Perhaps the colloidal silver could be incorporated into some simple emollient base for easy application.

I have found that tea tree oil is very effective with spots and eruptions produced by bacteria and also for mosquito bites. Thus, perhaps it is tea tree for bacteria and colloidal silver for viruses?

I wonder if colloidal silver applied topically might be useful for skin cancer (malignant melanoma). Perhaps some doctor reading this might be interested in trying it out, or write in with any experiences in using it. NF, Wilmslow.....

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