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. . . or a rhinitis treatment free of eucalyptus?

MagazineFebruary 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 11). . . or a rhinitis treatment free of eucalyptus?

I read your article "Toxic Toiletries" with great interest, and also with increasing alarm

I read your article "Toxic Toiletries" with great interest, and also with increasing alarm. I was particularly concerned to read that a main ingredient of eucalyptus oil can cause damage to the central nervous system (and liver and bone marrow) when inhaled.

I have suffered from perennial rhinitis for many years now, and have inhaled products containing eucalyptus oil (Mentholatum and Olbas Oil), and also taken New Era Tissue Salts every night for more than 10 years, and intermittently for many years before that. I also suffer from multiple sclerosis, and my concern is that my excessive exposure to 1,8 cineole could have aggravated this condition considerably.

If you really think these products are so dangerous, perhaps you could suggest an alternative remedy to help me to breathe sufficiently well to be able to sleep. My rhinitis appears to have no obvious allergic trigger, other than exposure to cold air earlier during the day.

Elizabeth Spencer, Derbyshire.

WDDTY replies: As rhinitis is almost always caused by an allergy, our recommendation would be to thoroughly explore allergies or food or chemical intolerances as the cause, rather than relying on a temporary cure (see WDDTY's Allergy Handbook). A good eucalyptus free remedy is The homoeopathic combination spray Euphorbium compositum by Heel (see box opposite).


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