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February 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 11)

MagazineFebruary 2000 (Vol. 10 Issue 11)

This issue

FEATURE Breast cancer caused by hormones in israel

In the article on breast cancer by Annemarie Colbin in September 1999 (WDDTY vol 10 no 6), certain facts were not suitable to the reality in Israel

FEATURE The glycaemic index of common foods

This index was derived from one which appeared in the Journal of Nutritional & Environmental Medicine: 1995: 5: 41-3

FEATURE Twenty-one steps to a normal weight

Not even our three nutritionists completely agree on the best ways to lose weight

FEATURE Fats: the thin controller

Recently, WDDTY interviewed Udo Erasmus, author of Fats that Kill, Fats that Heal (Vancouver, Canada: Alive, 1993) about the most effective ways to lose weight, based on the clinical evidence he has collected from patients taking essential fatty acids

FEATURE How much magnesium is good for the heart?

The article on heart disease by Dr John Mansfield in the November issue of WDDTY (vol 10 no 8) was very informative and most interesting


Dieting is prone to potentially dangerous fads and fashions

FEATURE . . . or a rhinitis treatment free of eucalyptus?

I read your article "Toxic Toiletries" with great interest, and also with increasing alarm

FEATURE The scarcity of abundance

No other condition is subject to more fads and less grounded in scientific fact than dieting

FEATURE Why toxins make you fat

Our body is constantly exposed to a stream of substances that can lead to toxicity within it

FEATURE Scientifically proven alternatives to conventional medicine

If ever we needed a reliable hangover "cure" it's for this New Year

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