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September 2019 (Vol. 4 Issue 7)

Shame on you, wddty

About the author: 

Shame on you, wddty image

I consider WDDTY to be highly irresponsible

I consider WDDTY to be highly irresponsible. As I understand it, you have no formal training in health care and no formal training in analysis of research data. Yet you have no hesitation in suggesting that readers would be unwise to take medications which are generally considered to be essential (antiepileptics) or lifesaving (chemotherapy).

Imagine the case of a cancer patient who reads your journal, forgoes chemotherapy which would have otherwise been lifesaving. Imagine that the patient then dies. Would you ever find out? Probably not. Could this have actually happened? Maybe. Would you feel ashamed or responsible? Andrew Vickers via e-mail.....

WDDTY replies:

Our stated aim is not to suggest that anyone do anything but to inform people of hard to get information so that they can make informed decisions. The indisputable fact of the matter is that chemotherapy just doesn't work in 90 per cent of cancers. Don't shoot the messenger.

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