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Gathering stats on kids with mercury damaged teeth

MagazineSeptember 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 6)Gathering stats on kids with mercury damaged teeth

I would very much like to correspond with LM of Leitrim, Ireland, and anyone else who has children with unusually weak or damaged teeth (WDDTY vol 10 no 3)

I would very much like to correspond with LM of Leitrim, Ireland, and anyone else who has children with unusually weak or damaged teeth (WDDTY vol 10 no 3). My colleague and I, who are working on dental issues for the Green Party, have experienced mercury related illness and our children have congenitally damaged teeth.

I had five disintegrating mercury fillings while I was pregnant and breastfeeding, and one of my twin daughters has had teeth emerging with the enamel already cracked.

All her back teeth have had to be fissure sealed (she's seven). Some of the enamel is starting to come away from her teeth, a condition known as amelogenesis imperfecta. I have mercury poisoning symptoms.

My colleague had three mercury fillings removed during her first pregnancy, and has symptoms consistent with mercury poisoning. Both her children's teeth started to crumble soon after they appeared, and her oldest child had to have most of his teeth extracted before he was three.

Other symptoms our children share include learning difficulties, poor sleep, aggression and frequent outbursts of anger, poor appetite and sugar addiction.

Diane Brown of Natural Nurturing Network, who has conducted research on early tooth damage in children, was told by a number of dentists that extended breastfeeding causes decay, although none of them knew the source of that information.

She found out that among 54 breastfed children whose erupted teeth were weakened and decayed quickly, 25 per cent of the mothers had had dental work with a mercury amalgam during pregnancy and 26 per cent had more than

11 mercury fillings in place during pregnancy.

Mercury can be eight times more concentrated in breast milk than in the mothers' blood. The effects of lead and mercury are greatly exacerbated when both are present in the body simultaneously.

If any readers contact us with relevant experiences, we will report on the results to WDDTY, Patients Against Mercury Amalgam and the Natural Nurturing Network. Confidentiality will be respected. S Mattey, Green Party, 25 Ship Street, London, SE8 4PW.


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