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Starve parasites of daily bread

MagazineOctober 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 7)Starve parasites of daily bread

I enjoyed the article about parasites in the WDDTY (vol 10, no 3)

I enjoyed the article about parasites in the WDDTY (vol 10, no 3).

There are some additional treatments and control suggestions that could usefully augment the treatments your writer recommends. In my own experience, the key to keeping parasites down is to have regular periods of empty intestines and keeping the transit time for food as short as possible.

I now operate on about 17 hours, ie, the food I eat at lunch is digested and excreted the next morning. This requires a high fibre diet, and avoidance of excess amounts of white flour products, cheese and beef, all of which slow intestinal mobility. Then, if I skip breakfast, there is a period of about six hours when there is literally nothing for the intestinal parasites to live on. They tend to follow food down and out of the system, though small intestine dwellers such as roundworms are reluctant to pass into the large intestine because of the difficulty in getting back. But over a period of time, they can be completely cleared and reinfection is irrelevant as they also get excreted.

Control of threadworms is best done with the aid of a bidet. Toilet tissue is not enough to remove threadworm eggs, but water does it 100 per cent Craig Sams, president, Whole Earth Ltd, London.........

Tooth decay research has its own website

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