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Osteopaths may help heal cases of rsi

About the author: 

I normally enjoy reading by copy of WDDTY

I normally enjoy reading by copy of WDDTY. I was very disappointed, however, with the article "RSI: What can really help".

I would disagree with the claim that RSI equates with carpal tunnel syndrome. These are two different problems. Fair enough, RSI can include bursitis or tendonitis. If one wants to use a general title for wide ranging symptomlogies as outlined above, then Work Related Upper Limb Disorders is a better one.

The article goes on to assert that osteopathy seems to be of little use in treating chronic cases. I would be interested to know on what basis this assertion is made. I would agree that a lot depends on how long someone has their problem before treatment with an osteopath or chiropractor commences.

The late Stephen Pheasant, a pioneer in the field of litigation for RSI sufferers, was firmly of the opinion that osteopaths had the most to offer in the understanding and treatment of musculo skeletal problems like RSI. His work is being carried on by two bodies who should be in your useful UK contacts. Firstly, Sheila Lee, osteopath, clinical ergonomist and member of the Ergonomics Society, and the Osteopathic Clinical Ergonomists Association (OCEAN), of which I am the secretary (tel: 01437 769713). Richard Blacklaw-Jones, Haverfordwest.......

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