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Miracle cure: throw away medicine

About the author: 

I have an unknown neuromuscular disorder

I have an unknown neuromuscular disorder. Leading consultants in neuromuscular conditions all said that if I didn't die, I would be on a ventilator up to eight to 10 hours a day, and have great difficulties talking, swallowing or moving.

My sight might go completely, and I could be blind by the end of my 30s. I would not be able to eat solid foods and would need help with everything eating, even sitting up.

I had unnecessary operations, then lived on morphine, steroids and a cocktail of antibiotics and other drugs.

For five years I was strapped into a body brace to keep me upright. I was told if I had it off for more than 20 minutes, my neck could break.

Having read about diet and health, I told my GP I was going to become a vegetarian; he cautioned me that I would become very ill.

Luckily I ignored him. It was a turning point in my life.

I got fed up with no life at all and threw the cocktail of tablets down the loo, took the collar and braces off (with help) and sought out a natural practitioner. I have never looked back.

I do use a manual wheelchair, but it used to be a huge powered one. I can breathe as well as most people; I have retaught my diaphragm to work again. I now belong to a singing/chanting group and can talk for hours with no problem. I love cooking, and eating solid foods is a joy.

My neck was weak for about a year and with exercises and massage I got it strong again. I have no problem sitting up straight. Most people remark on how straight I am, like the dancer I used to be.

I now eat as much organic food as possible, never drink tea or coffee, have no cows milk or cheese (only sheep and goats milk products).

I now run a wholefood/organic buying co-operative. I haven't taken drugs for nine years.

I have a very happy, full, productive life. Yvonne le Mone, Hampshire.....

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