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October 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 7)

MagazineOctober 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 7)

This issue

FEATURE Common drugs and dangerous relations

Birth control pills: Some antifungals, antibiotics, anticonvulsants and barbiturates can reduce the effectiveness of oral contraceptives, resulting in as much as a 25 fold increased risk of pregnancy

FEATURE Parasites and solvents: a cause for all cancers

I am regular subscriber of your magazine and also a Clark therapist in regular contact with Dr Hulda Clark

FEATURE Andropause: the male menopause

I am very interested in osteoporosis and the andropause

FEATURE Breast cancer: the hidden causes

We've been told that women have a one in eight lifetime risk of getting breast cancer

FEATURE Drug interactions with food and nutrients

Since virtually all medicines are taken by mouth, it's not surprising that the contents of the stomach can have a significant effect on how drugs are absorbed

FEATURE Rsi: employers must keep conditions safe

I read with interest your article on RSI in the July issue

FEATURE Whose birth rights?

Around 600,000 babies are born each year in the UK to women considered to be at high risk of having HIV; of these, just 59 are actually born HIV positive

FEATURE Heart disease: it's in the water

My suspicion is that the major cause for the rise in coronary artery disease this century is due to chlorine in mains water

FEATURE Cordarone

If you have a life threatening condition, the chances are that the drug selected to treat you will be

FEATURE Drug interactions

Dispensing a cocktail of drugs is now every doctor's stock in trade

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