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November 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 8)

MagazineNovember 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 8)

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FEATURE Pravastatin

Pravastatin sodium (Lipostat in the UK, Pravachol in the US), one of a new breed of statin cholesterol lowering drugs, is using a different marketing ploy to increase the drug's market share flattery

FEATURE More cold water poured on flouride debate

I think that your sense of justice went too far when you printed Allan Cook's letter about fluoride (WDDTY vol 10 no 4)

FEATURE The alexander way of treating back pain

In your back pain report (WDDTY, Vol

FEATURE Dyeing or dying?

If you use permanent or semi-permanent hair colours, you are increasing your risk of developing cancer

FEATURE Health complaints commonly associated with perfume

The fragrances used in nearly every personal care product can cause severe physical reactions, as the table below shows

FEATURE A safer way to shop for toiletries

When choosing personal care products, shop at health food stores and specially dedicated shops such as Planet Organic (0171 221 7171)

FEATURE What to watch out for

When selecting kinder cosmetics and toiletries, choose products which do not have any of the following ingredients:

FEATURE Nasal polyps

I am a Vacuflex and reflexology therapist and have a client with nasal polyps

FEATURE The sins of the shampoo makers

Check the ingredients listed on your shampoo bottle, and see if they have a substance by the name of sodium laureth sulfate, or simply SLS


* For the elderly, walking can be an effective way of strengthening the mind as well as the heart

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