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May 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 2)

MagazineMay 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 2)

This issue

FEATURE The third way

The British government is about to give the Medicines Control Agency powers that are more sweeping than any other authority in the land, and we are all just sitting back and letting it happen

FEATURE Biological pollutants

Another category of major household pollutants is the naturally occurring insect and microbial life that chooses to share our homes with us principally house dust mites and moulds

FEATURE Applauding the circumcision debate

Bravo your recent unmasking of the circumcision myth (WDDTY, vol 9, nos 9 and 10)! Barry Ellsworth, NYCIRC (email: NYCIRC@aol


* Sleep deprived surgeons make around 20 per cent more errors and are 14 per cent slower than colleagues who have had rest, a recent study has found

FEATURE Judiaism puts health ahead of ritual

Any Jew who sincerely wishes a 'halachic' (orthodox) way out of having to circumcise can easily find several, upon careful reading of the Torah, the Talmud and other governing documents

FEATURE Lansoprazole

It's pretty unusual for any drug to be hailed as 'the people's champion', but that's the claim being made for lansoprazole, an anti ulcer treatment marketed in the UK as Zoton and in the US as Prevacid

FEATURE Your healthy house - make your home a low pollution sanctuary

The typical house contains a toxic soup of chemical organic compounds, electromagnetic fields, combustion gases and other pollutants

FEATURE Maintaining a healthy house

Check with the manufacturers of the products you are considering buying about their VOC outgassing potential

FEATURE Me: it's in the water

I have ME, and at one point I was seriously considering the purchase of a stair lift

FEATURE No mental damage from circumcision

As for whether circumcision interrupts bonding and long term psychological development, I've never read so much tosh! Jewish family life is noted for its warmth and close family bonds

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