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Proof of benzo baby damage abounds

MagazineMarch 1999 (Vol. 9 Issue 12)Proof of benzo baby damage abounds

The authors of the Canadian research paper on benzodiazepines in WDDTY vol 9 no 8 have missed the point

The authors of the Canadian research paper on benzodiazepines in WDDTY vol 9 no 8 have missed the point.

It is well known that the main teratogenic effects of tranquillisers are not major malformations but the neuro behavioural problems that they engender. Brain and nerve damage in children exposed to these drugs in pregnancy cannot be seen and do not show up in ultrasound or any other prenatal tests.

Most symptoms get worse with time and many problems do not show up at until puberty.

Liv Laegreid's research showed that children exposed to these drugs during pregnancy are born with shrunken heads that never revert to normal.

Research by Dr James Robertson, of Liverpool's Arrowe Park Hospital, showed that one in two babies exposed to benzos in pregnancy ended up in incubators in the intensive care units. This compares with only one in seven affected by hard drugs.

Many of these children scream inconsolably for maybe six or seven years on end, with agonising withdrawal symptoms.

A recent survey by a Tranx charity showed some nine out of 10 benzo children were affected by Attention Deficit Disorder and personality problems. Again, this compares to only one in 10 in the general population.

Until some properly funded and unbiased research on the millions of benzo damaged children worldwide is undertaken, these kinds of whitewash studies will continue to be churned out in their thousands. Margaret Bell, London, N12........

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