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July 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 4)

MagazineJuly 1999 (Vol. 10 Issue 4)

This issue

FEATURE Could dental treatment whilst breastfeeding have affected my children?

I have two young children, both with tooth decay

FEATURE Wrecked by fluoride

Iam horrified that the water supplies in inner city areas like Glasgow may be fluoridated

FEATURE Parasites

The most under diagnosed health problem in the West, parasites may be responsible for a multitude of conditions from joint pain and chronic fatigue to many general disorders of the gut and immune system

FEATURE Where you can get a hair dye without carcinogens

Re hair dyes without carcinogens WDDTY vol 9 no 7), I have found that Larkhall Green Farm, 22 Putney Bridge Road, London, SW15 2PY, telephone 0181 874 1130, produces a semi permanent range of colours which cover grey, and only wash out after about six to eight shampoos

FEATURE Penny wise, 'phone foolish

A media frenzy surrounded the "mobile phones are good for you" study and the recent BBC Panorama, featuring the research with a negative spin

FEATURE Is the soil association really the bad guy over organic meat?

The piece by Carmel McHenry in the March issue (vol 9, no 12) makes some useful points, but I wonder if the issues are best aired by pillorying the Soil Association as being contaminated by commercial interests


* The FDA has lifted its ban on the diabetes drug troglitazone (Rezulin), deciding that the benefits of the drug outweigh possible risks (Lancet, 1999; 353: 1161)

FEATURE Body and mind

In addition to physical symptoms, parasites are also associated with a wide range of emotional and neurological symptoms

FEATURE Bug zapping

Dr Hulda Clarke's prescription for dealing with parasites includes "zapping" bugs with a homemade electronic gadget

FEATURE Don't use carcinogens for curing meat

I regret to say that I cannot believe it is acceptable to treat organic meat with a material well known for its carcinogenic property

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