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January 1999 (Vol. 9 Issue 10)

MagazineJanuary 1999 (Vol. 9 Issue 10)

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Twenty years after Orion Truss discovered candida, many practitioners now believe the story is more complicated and that natural alternatives are better than anti fungal drugs

FEATURE Medical fascism

Recently, the New England Journal of Medicine devoted a good portion of an issue to chiropractic

FEATURE Blood drug time bomb

The blood pressure drug Istin was first prescribed for me in October 1994

FEATURE Circumcision

My 6 year old son has a foreskin which does not retract

FEATURE Patient surveys of candida treatments

S Colet Lahoz, a US practitioner, reported the results of a four year survey conducted among 50 people suffering from chronic candidiasis, all of them with at least a six year history of symptoms (Townsend Letter for Doctors, July 1995)

FEATURE Lactobacillus preparations: buyers beware

In 1989, 22 brands of acidophilus on sale in Britain and the US were analysed, but only 3 were found to measure up to what they claimed

FEATURE Cholesterol: caught in the act

The entire approach of lowering cholesterol is faulty

FEATURE Sports injuries (last of two parts)

Minor strains are caused when there is muscle fibre damage, but the muscle sheaths remain undamaged

FEATURE Alternative treatments for candida

Follow the anti candida diet, avoiding sugars, yeast, alcohol and high allergy foods and, for a week or two, fruits

FEATURE Fluoride letter opens floodgates:

Doris Jones repliesLord Colwyn's assertions (Letters, WDDTY vol 9 no 8) that all the evidence from reputable scientific sources confirm that water fluoridation is both safe and effective are false

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