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July 2020 (Vol. 5 Issue 5)

Gut wrenchers

About the author: 

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Avoid these troublesome foods:

Avoid these troublesome foods:

Wheat based foods such as wheat bran, breakfast cereals, bread, crackers, biscuits, cakes, pastry and pies.

Cow's milk.


Spicy foods such as chillies and curry.

Corn (maize) and corn products like corn syrup.

Rice syrup.

Anything that contains modified starch, often used as a fat replacing bulking agent.

Sugar and sugary foods.

Artificial additives, especially colourings and sweeteners. Sorbitol seems particularly

problematic, so do check labels.

Very hot or very cold foods.

Oranges and orange juice.

Beef and pork (lean lamb is usually well tolerated).

Tea and coffee, both of which tend to dry out the protective mucus lining of the gut.

The following foods are good for the gut:


All kinds of fresh fruit aim for two to three pieces daily between meals.

All varieties of dried fruit.

All varieties of fresh vegetables and beans.

Fresh garlic (or a daily garlic capsule with your main meal).

Organic potatoes in their jackets.

Vegetable soups and juices: fresh carrot juice is particularly recommended.

Cereal foods (other than wheat).

Psyllium husks.

Water, four to eight glasses a day (preferably filtered).

Live bio yoghurt. Eat a small carton size daily, preferably an hour before bedtime.

Extra virgin olive oil.

Blackstrap molasses.

Manuka honey.

Aloe vera juice.

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