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October 1998 (Vol. 9 Issue 7)

MagazineOctober 1998 (Vol. 9 Issue 7)

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Laser eye surgery, the so called miracle solution to myopia, has many hidden dangers, including the possibility that it may make your eyesight worse

FEATURE How many vitamins for healthy living?

Much as I enjoyed your 100th issue (WDDTY, vol 9, no 4), I wonder if you could clarify some points you made under your "best supplements" section?

FEATURE Licking the aids virus

If you were to believe the medical literature, you'd think that modern medicine had licked the AIDS virus

FEATURE Spectacles more harm than good?

Some practitioners, like the late ophthalmologist Stanley Evans, maintain that glasses are the worst possible treatment for myopia since they halt the eye's development

FEATURE Why not to leave well alone

I think that, in some respects, the views expressed by Dr JS Newell (WDDTY, vol 9, no 4, letters page) have some justification

FEATURE Dental anaesthetic

I'm about to have major dental surgery

FEATURE Motor neuron disease - are there any alternative treatments?

Do you have any alternative treatments for motor neuron disease? E B, Glasgow

FEATURE Alternative ways

Increased nutritional supplements are important for good vision (Prog Food Nutri Sci, 1987; 10: 39-55)

FEATURE Bricanyl

Who reads drug warnings? Not doctors, it seems

FEATURE A is for vegetarian

Contrary to the letter in WDDTY (vol 9, no 5), my family's experience of D'Adamo's blood type theory has been more convincing

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