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February 2019 (Vol. 3 Issue 12)

The blood type dietary plans

About the author: 

The blood type dietary plans image

Intolerant of dietary and environmental adaptations

Type O

Meat eater

Hardy digestive tract

Overactive immune system

Intolerant of dietary and environmental adaptations

Needs efficient metabolism to stay lean and energetic

The body metabolises fats and proteins into ketones, used in place of sugars to keep glucose levels steady.

Worst foods

Grains, breads containing gluten, sweetcorn, pulses, cabbage, brussels sprouts, cauliflower, pork; smoked fish, corn or safflower oil, dairy produce, aubergines, potatoes, mushrooms, avocado, apple or orange juice, coffee and tea.

Best foods

Meat, particularly liver, lamb, beef, turkey, chicken (no more than 6 oz at any one meal); seafood, kelp; iodised salt; kale; spinach; broccoli; beetroot; collard greens; endive; artichokes; okra; onions; parsnips; pumpkin; sea vegetables; sweet potato; turnips; linseed and olive oils; aduki, black eyed and pinto beans; barley; buckwheat; millet; oatmeal; sprouted wheat essene bread; figs; plums; prunes; pineapple juice; curry; water and seltzer water.

Type A

The first vegetarian

Sensitive digestive tract

Tolerant immune system

Requires agrarian diet to stay lean and productive.

Worst foods

Meat; dairy foods; chickpeas, kidney, navy, red and lima beans; too much wheat; some fish; shellfish; corn, nut, sesame or safflower oils; tomatoes and most other

nightshades, including potatoes, aubergines and peppers; sweet potatoes; most cabbages; broad beans; some fruits; orange juice; vinegar; alcohol other than wine; tea; seltzer water.

Best foods

Vegetable oils; soya foods; all vegetables except those mentioned above; pineapple; fish; snails; most nuts and pulses; buckwheat; sprouted wheat essene bread; most non wheat flours; garlic and onions; fruits; red wine; coffee.

Type B

Strong immune system

Tolerant digestive system

Most flexible dietary choices

Dairy eater

Worst foods

Sweetcorn; many pulses; peanuts; sesame seeds; buckwheat; wheat; rye; barley; all corn products; chicken, goose and pork; shellfish; most nuts and seeds; tomatoes; olives; pomegranates; persimmon; rhubarb.

Best foods

Green vegetables; liver, lamb, mutton, rabbit and venison; eggs; fish and seafood; most dairy produce; olive oil; kidney, lima, navy and red soya beans; millet, oatmeal; rice bread and flour; most vegetables; tofu; most fruits, including bananas, grapes, pineapple and plums; curry.

Type AB

Sensitive digestive tract

Overly tolerant immune system

Worst foods

Red meat, other than lamb or mutton, and chicken; pulses like kidney and lima beans; seeds; corn; buckwheat; wheat; some fruits.

Best foods

Tofu; seafood; green vegetables and most other varieties; dairy products; alkaline fruits; pineapple; olive oil; grains, including wheat; some fruits; herbal and green teas; red wine; coffee (for stomach acid).


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Human donors can help

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