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June 1998 (Vol. 9 Issue 3)

MagazineJune 1998 (Vol. 9 Issue 3)

This issue

FEATURE Opium to cure snoring

Your March edition (WDDTY, vol 8 no 12) mentions some rather unpleasant methods of dealing with snoring

FEATURE Doctor was to blame

Lynne McTaggart's half baked conspiracy theory about Dr Blomfield's case is unhelpful

FEATURE How the blood types developed

The appearance of our Cro-Magnon ancestors around 40,000 BC propelled the human species to the top of the food chain, making them the most dangerous predators on earth

FEATURE Human donors can help

I was most pleased with your feature on animal testing (WDDTY, vol 8 no 12)

FEATURE The blood type dietary plans

Intolerant of dietary and environmental adaptations

FEATURE Toothpaste cure for incontinence

For some years I've slept poorly because of having to get up several times a night to urinate

FEATURE Praise from animal rights veteran

Your piece on animal testing is one of the most pertinent and scientific I've ever read in a journal on medical matters


* Body piercing where rings and studs are put into the ear, tongue, navel or genitalia can cause infections in up to 25 per cent of cases, a report has discovered

FEATURE Who gets the point?

On March 16, I was lured to a press conference held at the Novaris Foundation in London on the promise that it was going to demonstrate that there is scientific proof that acupuncture really works

FEATURE Antigens and blood types

Each blood type possesses a different antigen with its own special chemical structure

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