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Home-made help for restless legs . . .

About the author: 

Re: restless legs (WDDTY, vol 8 no 6)

Re: restless legs (WDDTY, vol 8 no 6). My mother had them all her adult life she used to call them vinegar legs (felt as if vinegar was running down them, I guess). She was riddled with allergies. One day when her legs were particularly bad, I made an incredibly dilute preparation of the coffee she had been drinking (homeopathic-type of dilution). The restlessness stopped as if by magic.

I run a local branch of a hyperactive children's support group. One of the mothers also suffered restless legs she would have been about 40 at the time. She gave up wheat and coffee and got rid of her restless legs and her arthritis.

Re: electromagnetic radiation (WDDTY, vol 8 no 4). I get bad knees if I spend any great length of time say, all night in bed very near to a three pin wall socket that is not switched off and the plug disconnected. Val Kearney, Knaresborough, N Yorks.......

. . . and a herbal solution

For restless legs we always recommend first the herbal preparation Rutivite (lb2.99 for 66 tablets, Power Health, Pocklington, York YO4 2NR, 01759 302734). Rutivite is made from the dried leaf and flower of buckwheat, which contains rutin known to strengthen tiny blood vessels and improve circulation. John Clark, Chorley Health Food Store, Chorley, Lancs.........

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