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Thanks for wonderful day

MagazineFebruary 1998 (Vol. 8 Issue 11)Thanks for wonderful day

What a wonderful day my friend and I had at the cancer conference in November

What a wonderful day my friend and I had at the cancer conference in November. There was a lot packed into the day, but it reinforced my ideas and feelings on my approach to combat cancer. That was my reasoning.

Unfortunately, we had to leave early and I had heard mention of "Essiac". This is something I am taking and would be interested to have further information on this subject.

Many people do not realise how important mental and emotional input is to the healing process. Keep up the good work and thank you for a wonderful day! Angela James, Stafford......

WDDTY replies:

See Proof!, our sister publication, vol 2 no 1. For anyone wishing to "network" on various treatments for cancer, please write in and we will publish a noticeboard. Also write in if you are interested in being a volunteer for the UK branch of People Against Cancer, a group which helps cancer sufferers find the best alternative treatment for their condition.

Charity gets off ground

We attended the inspiring and informative Surviving Cancer Conference. We are a newly established charity offering complementary therapies and support to those suffering from a life threating illness such as cancer.

Our qualified and experienced practitioners can provide patients with a range of services, from homeopathy and counselling to massage and Reiki healing.

We work from our Garden clinic in Harrow Weald and are currently negotiating the opening of clinics at several London Hospitals.

We are at present working at Barnet General. F Rose, Children's Hospice and Homeopathic Clinic, Middlesex........

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