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More on the fluoride debate

MagazineDecember 1998 (Vol. 9 Issue 9)More on the fluoride debate

I read Doris Jones' "Second Opinion" (WDDTY, vol 9, no 3) with interest

I read Doris Jones' "Second Opinion" (WDDTY, vol 9, no 3) with interest. I have never come across Doris before but, judging by the variety of allegedly harmful effects she cites, she has probably obtained most of her material from the National Pure Water Association.

She makes very serious allegations about the safety of water fluoridation and in particular says that "according to government figures up to eight million people could have crippling fluorosis by the age of 70 or 10 per cent of people over 60".

This is a complete fabrication. All the evidence from reputable scientific sources confirms that water fluoridation is both safe and effective.

All drinking water contains measurable amounts of fluoride. Worldwide, over 300 million people drink water with an adjusted fluoride content of one part per million the optimum for dental health.

Finally, she is wrong in saying that, in Europe, only Britain and Ireland fluoridate water supplies. In fact, around 10 per cent of the Spanish population and 5 per cent of the Swiss drink fluoridated water. Fluori dated salt is widely used in the remainder of Switzerland, as well as in Germany and France.

I am a dental surgeon and vice president of the British Fluoridation Society. I am also an avid supporter of your policies, your magazine and of the need to fully examine modern medicine. The fluoride debate will continue, but it is important that both sides of the argument should be heard. Lord Colwyn, London..........

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