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Gerson therapy

MagazineDecember 1998 (Vol. 9 Issue 9)Gerson therapy

Thirty months ago I had my third operation for malignant melanoma

Thirty months ago I had my third operation for malignant melanoma. A total, I believe, of 48 tumours were removed in all, together with most of my left armpit and pectoral muscle. I was bitterly disappointed that intensive fasting, vitamins, organic vegan diet and juices had not halted their spread. Indeed, the surgeon stopped the operation after he saw no end to the tumours, including a large one which had replaced my right adrenal. Later I was told it had spread to my spine and right hip.

The two nights following my operation, a beautiful nurse gave me two sessions of foot reflexology, and on the following morning an amazing thing happened. When I went to perform my ablutions I passed a stool several yards long! I felt like Apollo slaying the serpent at Delphi. An enormous sense of relief overwhelmed me.

Twenty months later, my dietary regime had intensified to include a wide range of anti cancer herbs, supplements and vitamins. I had all bar six of my teeth removed by a brilliant homoeopathic dentist as they contained old mercury fillings. I realised that these may have caused several "mad as a hatter" episodes in my life and were undermining my immune system's efforts to fight the cancer.

Ten months ago, when more information about the Gerson therapy became available on the internet, I realised I was doing all the right things except for the coffee enemas. Then when I read how all the therapies involving enemas were banned in the United States yet paradoxically the ruling classes from the Egyptian pharaohs to the current nobility have practised colonic irrigation regularly to restore their bodies' healing systems I just had to try it.

Ten months and 900 liver cleansing enemas later, I am completely transformed, physically, spiritually and emotionally. After being labelled a miracle by my oncologist, I have now been relabelled an anecdote because of my Gerson activities. Why the NHS doesn't prescribe the Gerson therapy to more people is a complete mystery to me. M D, Bolton.

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