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September 1997 (Vol. 8 Issue 6)

MagazineSeptember 1997 (Vol. 8 Issue 6)

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Cardura (doxazosin) had its fair share of side effects even before three doctors in England discovered another possible reaction that has never been recorded in any drugs reference work

FEATURE Fast grab avoids the jab . . .

I'd like to share a story with your readers on how to get the travel vaccine certificate, without getting the needle itself (WDDTY vol 8, nos 2 and 3)

FEATURE Breaking through barriers

Although medicine is finally beginning to acknowledge the role of what we eat in making us ill, the hidden factor in illness is how well we digest it

FEATURE Toothpaste maker defends ingredients

After reading the letter you published about the potential dangers of the detergent sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS) (WDDTY vol 8, no 1) which is included in many common toothpastes, I contacted the toothpaste manufacturer Colgate

FEATURE Lyme disease

Q:I would like some more information on Lyme disease

FEATURE Diseases linked with a leaky gut:

Inflammatory bowel disease

FEATURE Tests for leaky gut

A safe, non invasive and inexpensive methods has been developed to measure small intestinal permeability and also test how well a treatment is working

FEATURE Leaky gut

One of the most overlooked causes of disease is not just what we eat but how well we digest it, particularly in our small intestine

FEATURE In praise of animal fats

Many popular diet and nutrition books create the impression that the body's require ments for the essential nutrient vitamin A can be exclusively met with plant foods like carrots, squash, green leafy vegetables and orange coloured fruits

FEATURE Healing a leaky gut

It's possible to cure a leaky gut with a nutrient dense diet and appropriate supplements

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