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MagazineOctober 1997 (Vol. 8 Issue 7)Measles

I live in Nairobi, Kenya, where the measles virus is, according to local well respected pediatricians, more virulent than in Europe

I live in Nairobi, Kenya, where the measles virus is, according to local well respected pediatricians, more virulent than in Europe. Two weeks ago, my 20 month old unvaccinated son contracted measles from a vaccinated boy, who caught it from a vacci

While at first I was scared that my decision not to vaccinate against childhood diseases was about to be tested, I need not have worried.

Of the four children, my son had the easiest time overall. Two nights of fever at 38 degrees, one night at 39 degrees which came down with one dose of the homeopathic remedy belladonna 30x and a little Calpol. Then the full rash broke for five days, during which he was happy and energetic, eating fully, had no fever and was wondering why he could not see his friends. He was treated on a bio resonance machine, and taking small supplements of vitamin A, C and E, as well as homeopathic drops against fever and to bring out the rash.

The first vaccinated girl had very high fevers, lost her appetite completely and was very ill for three days. The doctor of the last little boy denied that a vaccinated boy could get measles, and when the fever broke treated him with heavy antibiotics and a drug for strep throat and scarlet fever. This doctor did not rescind his original diagnosis when the measles rash broke three days later. The boy had high fevers and much discomfort and stomach ache for a whole week.

The boy who had the mildest response to measles then caught a cold and had intermittent 39^uC fevers for five days, treated with antibiotic injections and syrup and a drug that gave him acute stomach ache.

My own son caught a bad cold and cough about a week later. He had a sore throat, bad cough, runny nose and eyes but no fever. Again he came through it in two days with homeopathy, reflexology, vitamin C, ginger and honey. His immune system clearly worked very hard to handle the measles. Doctors say it is chance that my unvaccinated son got measles mildly while the vaccinated kids had a harder time. SCD, Nairobi, Kenya.

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