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Good words for melatonin

MagazineFebruary 1997 (Vol. 7 Issue 11)Good words for melatonin

I wish to voice my concern at your continued reports in your very worthy newsletter about the so called "negatives" of the compound melatonin

I wish to voice my concern at your continued reports in your very worthy newsletter about the so called "negatives" of the compound melatonin. For some years now I have been promoting and supplying for sale this natural compound for the benefit of pe

I have personally experienced hundreds of cases during the last three years involving people using melatonin to wean themselves off benzodiazepines and barbiturates. Melatonin improves sleeping patterns and increases the quality of sleep it can be used so effectively as a stepping stone for real healing to occur, especially by holistic therapists whose goal is whole health and well being.

It is true in my experience that melatonin can affect, possibly even disturb the normal sleep patterns of healthy individuals who have no history of sleep disorder. Melatonin can also occasionally cause people with sleep disorders to sleep worse, sometimes because the dosage is too low or it's taken with excess alcohol. James McDonald, Nutrizec, Wokingham.....

WDDTY replies: We agree, as we have always said, that melatonin has a place in the treatment of proven disorders. The problem with most melatonin research is that it is funded by people who stand to gain by positive results. Due to their hype, millions of perfectly healthy people are now taking melatonin as a fountain of youth tablet. There is a good deal we don' t know about taking hormones like melatonin, but research is emerging which demonstrates that it can produce side effects in healthy people. As Raymond Suen of National BioTech Laboratory writes, "It is essential to establish the clinical need for melatonin." He also recommends that a diagnostic analysis of a patient's sleep wake cycle be analyzed before dosing him with melatonin (Townsend Letter for Doctors & Patients, October 1996.).

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