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Alternative treatment for gallstones

About the author: 

It's easier to prevent gallstones than it is to get rid of them

It's easier to prevent gallstones than it is to get rid of them. And that means reducing the level of risk in the first place, or once gallstones have developed, making sure you stay away from foods which aggravate the condition and employ measures diet and use of certain herbs and supplements which increase the solubility of the bile in the gall bladder.

Harald Gaier and Melvyn Werbach have found the following of use:Diet

Eat more vegetables, fruits and dietary fibre, especially the gel forming, or mucilaginous fibres (flax seed, oat bran, guar gum, pectin, etc).

Cut down on saturated fats, cholesterol, sugar and animal proteins, and certainly avoid all fried foods.

Avoid coffee


Drink between six and eight glasses a day to keep the water content of your bile topped up.

Nutritional Supplements

Deficiencies of vitamins C and E can bring on gallstones (Scand J Gastroenterol, 1975; 10: 311-4, Arch Jpn Chir, 1987; 56: 276-88).

Most important is to have your stomach acid tested and to supplement with HCl if it is found to be low.

Vitamin C: 1 g per day

Vitamin E: 200 IU per day

Choline: 1 g per day

L-Methionine: 1 g per day

Fibre supplement: minimum of 5 g per day

Supplements of the amino acid tausine help to prevent gallstones (JPENS Parenter Enteral Nutr, 1991; 15: 294-7).

One of these herbal supplements can prevent gallstones in people prone to them

Taraxicum officinale (three times a day):

Fluid extract (1:1): 5 ml

Peumus boldo (three times a day):

Dried leaves (make infusion):

350 mg

Silybum marianum

150 mg three times a day

Cynara scolymus

Extract (15 per cent cynarin): 500 mg three times a day

Curcuma longa

300 mg three times a day

Harald Gaier also recommends the following "formula" for dissolving gallstones. Once you've made it, take one third with each of your three meals for one day only.

Menthol 30 mg

Menthone 5mg

Pinene 15 mg

Borneol 5 mg

Camphene 5 mg

Cineol 2 mg

Citral 5 mg

Phosphatidyl choline 50 mg

Medium chain triglycerides 125 mg

Chenodeoxycholic acid 750 mg

To relieve a gall bladder attack

Have on hand Heptachlor (a German herbal preparation) and take as indicated (D Mowrey, Scientific Validation of Herbal Medicine, New Canaan, CT, Keats, 1986). (Order from Ludwigs Apotheke in Munich by credit card and request English directions from English speaking staff: tel 089/2 60 30 21. Fax: 089/2 60 43 22.

Surgery shouldn't be the first course of action.

Ms: too little, too soon

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