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February 1997 (Vol. 7 Issue 11)

MagazineFebruary 1997 (Vol. 7 Issue 11)

This issue

FEATURE What causes gallstones?

A high fat diet is not the only cause of gallstones

FEATURE Aspartame: some bitter truths

Q:My husband had been having "waterworks" problems for many years

FEATURE Fats not linked to heart disease

Saturated fats found mainly in meat are not linked to heart disease after all, researchers have found

FEATURE Dissolving stones with drugs

For a person who is not suitable for or doesn't want surgery, a number of different drugs are on offer which claim to dissolve gallstones

FEATURE Allergy programme succeeds where drug fails

Concerning your Drug of the Month: desmopressin (vol 6 no 6), I thought it was designed not primarily for bedwetting but for those with diabetes insipidus, whose posterior pituitary gland has atrophied, and no longer secretes the antidiuretic hormone

FEATURE Autism: breaking through

There is no specific orthodox medical treatment for autism

FEATURE Not so wonderful bras

I was very interested to read about the research on bras and breast cancer (vol 7 no 1)

FEATURE Arthritis: relief from fatty acids

Arthritis sufferers can get relief by changing their diet


If at first tamoxifen doesn't succeed, try, try Megace

FEATURE Beta-carotene: now the good news

Despite recent adverse publicity, beta-carotene does provide an effective safeguard against lung cancer, new research has found

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