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Drugs that cause strokes

MagazineOctober 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 7)Drugs that cause strokes

A number of classes of drugs can cause cerebral hemorrhage or infarction

A number of classes of drugs can cause cerebral hemorrhage or infarction. These include:

Sumatripan, the migraine drug (Intensive Care Med, 1995; 21: 82-3).

Beta blockers (Revist Clinica Espan, 1993;192: 228-30).

Nefedipine (causing cortical blindness) (BMJ, 1992; 305: 693).

Chemotherapy or hormones given during chemotherapy (Am J Clin Onc, 1992; 15:168-73).

Contraceptive pill (Acta Neurol Belg, 1992;92: 45-7).

Oral anticoagulant therapy (The Lancet, 1991; 338: 1158).

Excessive use of nasal decongestants (J Neurol, Neurosurg & Psychiatry; 1989; 52: 541-3).

Blood pressure lowering drugs (Med J Australia, 1987; 146: 412-4).

Phenylpropanolamine, a drug available over the counter in weight loss, nasal congestants and cold preparations (Am J Emerg Med, 1987; 5: 163-4).

Recreational drugs, like Ecstacy, cocaine and methamphetamines (European Neuro, 1995; 35: 193; South Med J, 1995; 88: 352-4; Europ Neuro, 1994; 34: 16-22).

Anabolic steroids (Neuro, 1994; 44: 2405-6).

Stroke or thrombosis clot thinning medication can itself cause stroke.

This includes:

Streptokinase/subcutaneous heparin therapy, combination therapy, (Circulation,1995; 92 : 2811-8) and recombinant tissue type plasminogen activator (Circulation;1991; 83: 448-59).

Anticoagulant medication (Arch of Neuro, 1985; 42: 1033-5).

Stroke can also be brought on by:

Ingesting hydrogen peroxide (Stroke; 1994;25: 1065-7).

Lumbar myelography (Nervenarzt, 1994;65: 125-7).

Heavy drinking in men (Stroke; 1996; 27:1033-9).

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