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November 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 8)

MagazineNovember 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 8)

This issue

FEATURE Salt - how much so we need and what type's are good for us?

Q:There still seems to be debate about whether or not we need salt and if so what kind, how much and how often

FEATURE Linoleic acid: when it's safe

Q:My understanding is that linoleic acid (and linolenic acid) are particularly important to health, provided certain co-factors are present in the diet

FEATURE The basal body temperature test

Dr Broda O Barnes, who studied thyroid disease for 35 years, believed that many people have subtle thryoid disorders that don't show up on a blood test

FEATURE Thyroid: passing the salt

Thyroid disease is one of the silent epidemics of our time

FEATURE Thyroid disease linked to iodized salt

The present epidemic of thyroid disease appear to have strong links with 20th century environmental causes, particularly heavy consumption of iodized salt

FEATURE Drug immune candida detected

A new form of candida is developing in North America which is resistant to anti fungal agents

FEATURE Hyperactivity: lies from government

I thought you would be interested in, and concerned about, the attached letter from the Ministry of Agriculture

FEATURE I was a hip op guinea pig

In August 1992 when I was 55 I had a total hip replacement after I had been having trouble with osteoarthritis off and on for years

FEATURE Alternatives to thyroid drugs

Remove stress from your life, introduce a daily afternoon nap, and have a full night's sleep every night

FEATURE Fluoride free toothpastes

In the letters of WDDTY (vol 7 no 5) I was very interested to read of the benefits of using a fluoride free toothpaste

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