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MagazineMarch 1996 (Vol. 6 Issue 12)Serevent

"I sleep well" is the headline used to market Allen & Hanburys' anti-asthma inhaler Serevent

"I sleep well" is the headline used to market Allen & Hanburys' anti-asthma inhaler Serevent. Such a statement may be just a dream for many users; tests have shown that up to 28 per cent suffer headaches while on the drug, while 14 per cent may devel

Other reactions reported by the test group included palpitations, laryngitis, nausea, vomiting, dental pain, back and joint pain, cramping, fatigue, bronchitis, rash and skin eruptions. If those aren't enough to cause sleepless nights, you also might like to know that Serevent includes ozone destroying chemicals.

Like so many other drugs, Serevent also has the paradoxical effect of causing brochospasms, the very thing it is supposedly treating.

Serevent is designed as a supplementary treatment for those who need added relief from asthma at night, or if they suffer brochospasms after exercise.

Standard dosage is 42 mcg twice a day; the manufacturers stress that doses should be at least 12 hours apart. Not surprisingly, tests have shown that some of the reactions most noticeably tremors, nervousness and palpitations increase with the dose.

Those who should not take the drug include pregnant women, possibly those who are nursing, although there is no absolute evidence on this, and the elderly should be carefully monitored while on the drug, especially if they are suffering some heart condition. Anyone with liver problems should not take the drug because it may accumulate in blood plasma if the body cannot dispel it.

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