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Case study: Magnesium to help fertility?

MagazineJune 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 3)Case study: Magnesium to help fertility?

The story of my trying to fall pregnant for the second time is interesting, but one I am sure you have heard many times before

The story of my trying to fall pregnant for the second time is interesting, but one I am sure you have heard many times before. I had absolutely no trouble falling pregnant with my first child, but almost two years of trying for a second with no luck resulted in me visiting a fertility specialist and undergoing all sorts of tests and exploratory surgery. At the end of it all the diagnosis was, "Well, we really don't know what the problem is, we think you are not ovulating, so here is some Clomid, go away and start taking it".

I didn't accept the diagnosis, as I knew I had ovulated at least once previously in my life without difficulty.So I decided to heal myself, and I began on a very strict health diet and started having things like vegetable soup for breakfast instead of the usual sugary cereal.

I then read in one of your publications something about some trials that had been done with infertility and magnesium. I immediately started taking magnesium supplements, and that very month I fell pregnant.

Nine months later I have a healthy baby boy and had no difficulty throughout the pregnancy. I believe without doubt that the magnesium contributed in some major way to me falling pregnant, and I am very glad I didn't take Clomid, having read some of your articles about that drug. K H, Hong Kong.....

Good for you for listening to your own body. Many doctors suspect basic problems in women with "secondary" fertility, and subject them to all sorts of redundant tests, ignoring the fact that they've produced a child before. Magnesium and other minerals appear to be a basic essential ingredient to all things gynecological; see our Q & A (p 8) on PMS for some clues about other minerals. Foresight have recently produced a manual for professionals to educate them about the importance of preconception nutritional care on successful pregnancy and birth. Their address for all other future mums who wish to get your doctor clued up on nutrition: 28 The Paddock, Godalming, Surrey GU7 1XD. And, by the way, congratulations!

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