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July 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 4)

MagazineJuly 1996 (Vol. 7 Issue 4)

This issue

FEATURE Chemotherapy - beneficial or hazardous?

Chemotherapy only results in substantial remission rates for 3 per cent of cancers

FEATURE Your questions answered

Q:Is there a cure for teeth grinding at night? I am being driven crazy by my husband's steadily worsening teeth grinding in his sleep, and he is audibly damaging his teeth

FEATURE Prepulsid

An Australian subscriber has alerted us to the side effects of Prepulsid, a drug which helps speed food through the stomach

FEATURE Screening fails to show fracture risk

A screening programme to identify menopausal women who may go on to suffer fractures by measuring their bone mineral density has been dismissed by a Swedish research team

FEATURE Wddty saved my dog!

Your Guide to the Side Effects of Drugs has already saved a life although only just in time

FEATURE Thyroxine and osteoporosis

I am 54, and I have an underactive thyroid for which I take thyroxine

FEATURE Parkinson's disease

The orthodox treatment for Parkinson's disease is L-Dopa, an amino acid

FEATURE Chemotherapy

To attempt to separate fact from the vast fiction propagated about both orthodox and alternative treatment of cancer, we have produced a special cancer series in WDDTY

FEATURE Your questions answered

Q:I was extremely interested to read the case history concerning Primolut Depot (WDDTY vol 6 no 11)

FEATURE Melatonin used for intensive lambing

I was particularly interested in your article about melatonin (see WDDTY vol 6 no 11)

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